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a bit about me:

I am proud to have been selected as the Labour and Co-operative candidate for Uckfield North in this year's local elections.  I have been a resident of East Sussex for my whole life and a resident of Uckfield since 2014. As a local activist  I feel that I have a great knowledge of the area and insight into the particular issues that our area faces, but so that I know what really concerns Uckfield North residents, for the past few months I have been going door to door and have conducted an online survey asking about the concerns of local people. This work has led me to concentrate my local election campaign on three main issues:

Parking - clearly our current parking arrangements are not working. If elected I will lobby Wealden District Council to conduct a thorough review of the parking arrangements in Uckfield, in conjunction with residents. I have already been in contact with the Council about a potential fix suggested by one resident: removing restrictions from the Luxford car-park over-night, to allow residents to park there.

​Housing – having heard many, many concerns about the new development about Ridgewood Farm – particularly the lack of infrastructure in phase one, I am determined to explore more sustainable and community focused models of development. I am particularly interested in the idea of community land trusts (see as a way of creating small scale housing that is truly affordable. We cannot continue to price local people out of the housing market, or we will find that our local economy: retail, care etc. grinds to a halt, because workers cannot afford to live in our town.


Support for young people – since Uckfield Youth Centre closed at the end of 2016, through lack of funding, there has been a dearth of facilities for young people in the town. It surely is no coincidence that that period has also seen a rise in reports of anti-social behaviour amongst young people. One response has been Sussex Police’s Operation Blitz. Labour colleagues, Cllr. Dan Manvell and Ben Cox, Vice-Chair of Uckfield Labour, have worked with other key figures from the town to bring about a partial re-opening of the Youth Centre from Easter onwards. It is my intention to build on this work to establish a girls’ group, to inform and empower girls in the town and to support the work of my colleagues in increasing the youth centre opening hours.